Stubby XZN Triple Square Bit Socket Set, Metric

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Stubby XZN Triple Square Bit Socket Set, Metric



  • Stubby length, up to 20% shorter, perfect for tight spot
  • Premium S2 Steel forged bits, to withstand high torque and not twist
  • Premium Chrome Vanadium steel socket
  • Flawless chrome plating ensures durability and corrosion resistance
  • Chamfered end bit ensures a smooth fit onto fasteners
  • Stamped sizing is permanent and will not fade
  • Set comes with M4, M5, M6, M8, M9, M10, M12, M14, M16 and M18
  • The most popular sizes when working with European Vehicles
  • Lifetime Warranty
(2 customer reviews)

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Premium S2 Steel

The most durable material to use in bit sockets. Corrosion and oil resistant. Extremely strong and tough for applications where reliability is a top priority. It retains reasonable ductility even in its hardened condition allowing it to perform in applications where shock impact is imparted to the alloy.

Tough Outside,
Strong Inside

We use premium S2 steel tempered with our proprietary heat treatment process to make these bits. They are exceptionally durable and strong, withstand high torque and do not twist, protecting both the bit and the fastener.
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Chrome Vanadium Steel


The bits are forged with our custom Chrome Vanadium steel, giving them a balance tensile strength for optimal performance.
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Fast & Easy Placement


Chamfered bit ensures a smooth fit and help to provide fast and easy insertion into fasteners.

Easy Identification

Stamped Sizing

The large font sizes that we stamped on the sockets are visible and easy to read. It is permanent and will not fade over time.


The Stubby XZN/Triple Square bits in this set are made from heat-treated S2 steel alloy to withstand long-term use, the sockets are composed of Chrome-Vanadium to provide optimal strength and durability. The pieces also have a chrome plating to prevent rusting and corrosion. This set comes with a convenient blow-molded storage box for portability and protection. These are perfect for use with breaker bars, torque wrenches and ratchets (not for use with impact tools). They are compatible with most European vehicles. This set meets and exceeds ANSI standards and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

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Meets and exceeds ASME B107.110 standards.

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Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in our products enough to back them up with a lifetime warranty to give you more peace of mind about your purchase.

Technical Data

Part Number Description L (in.) W (in.) wt (lbs.)
CP30350 10-Piece Stubby XZN Bit Sockets Set, Metric 13.00 9.80 5.91
Icon_Star XZN 1/4" Dr.: M4, M5, M6
3/8" Dr.: M8, M9, M10, M12
icons_XZNTamperProof XZN Tamper 1/2" Dr.: MT14, MT16, MT18
Part Number Drive Size D1 (in.) D2 (in.) L (in.) S (in.) wt. (lbs.)
CP30351 1/4 M4 0.13 0.46 1.26 0.51 0.01
CP30352 1/4 M5 0.18 0.46 1.26 0.51 0.01
CP30353 1/4 M6 0.22 0.46 1.26 0.51 0.01
CP30354 3/8 M8 0.27 0.7 1.49 0.47 0.05
CP30355 3/8 M9 0.35 0.7 1.49 0.47 0.05
CP30356 3/8 M10 0.36 0.7 1.49 0.47 0.07
CP30357 3/8 M12 0.43 0.7 1.49 0.47 0.08
CP30358 1/2 MT14 0.5 0.93 1.97 0.5 0.22
CP30359 1/2 MT16 0.6 1.01 1.97 0.5 0.28
CP30360 1/2 MT18 0.64 1.09 1.97 0.5 0.33

Additional information

Drive Size

, ,

Bit Type

Bit Length




Lifetime Warranty

2 reviews for Stubby XZN Triple Square Bit Socket Set, Metric

  1. Davion

    The sizes you get and the price is just about unbeatable, and the quality is very nice. In my opinion and have withheld being used on my Milwaukee & Snap On Impacts and fit very well in fasteners

  2. ryan.johnston.86 (verified owner)

    I bought a cheap set of these off amazon (not really any cheaper than these and not nearly the quality). I didn’t think that I’d use these that much, but I quickly found out the tolerance son the cheap set were off enough to strip out a bolt. I immediately bought the capri tools set and bolt the bolt out with what was left. Tolerances matter!

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