Vises and Their Many Uses

A limitation of being human is that you are limited to using only two hands, while a benefit of being human is our ability to build and use tools. Unless you’re working with a friend, you’ll often find yourself in need of an extra hand to hold something in place. The vise steps in to […]

How to Prevent Your Car Engine from Overheating

One minute, you’re cruising down the street to your next destination. The next, your car seizes or starts smoking, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. ‌An overheated engine is not only inconvenient, but also costly and potentially dangerous. Left unchecked, problems with your cooling system can cause other parts of your engine […]

Locking Pliers

Locking pliers are one of the most commonly used tools for a variety of projects. Also known as vise grips, locking pliers are commonly employed in yard work, gardening, home and car maintenance, and industrial labor. As implied by them name, this tool grips objects and holds them in place while you work. Here are […]

Detailing Cart with Smart Onboard Storage

Vehicle detailing involves top-to-bottom cleaning and care using specialized products and tools. Car enthusiasts and auto mechanics get the chance to scour and recondition a car’s interior and exterior. To aid with this meticulous car restoration process, we at Capri Tools offer a versatile and comfy detailing seat.  The compact auto detail seat is ideal […]


Ratchets are an essential tool for car repair projects. When you’re trying to tighten or remove fasteners in small spaces, using a ratchet helps you make it as tight as possible. Capri Tools offers multiple ratchets in different sizes that you can use for large and small car parts. You need a set of ratchets […]

Wrenches You’ll Need for Repairs and Maintenance

A wrench is a valuable tool for construction, automotive repair, electrical repair, or woodwork. You can also use it to level equipment, drive lag screws, and make adjustments to appliances and fixtures. It grips, tightens and loosens things like pipes, pipe fittings, screws, nuts, and bolts. You might overlook a wrench until you realize the […]

Guide to the Important Use of Steel Sliding Bar Clamps

Heavy Duty All Steel Sliding Bar Clamps If you’ve tried out welding, metalworking, or woodworking, you may have never guessed that holding workpieces together could get so complicated. A simple solution to this problem is the use of steel sliding bar clamps.  These heavy-duty clamps can be used by DIY hobbyists and career welders or […]

Essential Tools for the Automotive Industry

Amateur and experienced mechanics have one thing in common: they all need the right equipment to be able to work properly. If you’re looking to complete your toolbox so that you can compete with the pros, here are some of the essential tools you’ll need.  1. Wrenches This popular tool is probably the most common […]

All You Need to Know About Angled Combination Wrenches

Your toolbox wouldn’t be complete without a nice set of wrenches. These tools perform the same function as ratchets and sockets, which is to easily tighten and loosen fasteners. But depending on the situation, wrenches can make your life much easier than their counterparts can. For example, you could use a box-end wrench to loosen […]

How To Replace a Clutch

Replacing your clutch is often thought to be a costly and difficult task — but it doesn’t have to be. With some sockets, ratchets, and a little know-how, replacing your clutch can be a simple weekend project. Is your engine running at higher RPM without a change in speed to show for it? Are you […]