Ultra Precise Torque Limiting Screwdriver Set

Not ‘Pretty Good’ Precision — Ultra Precision When precision is important, our Ultra Precise Torque Limiting Screwdriver Set is sure to hit the mark. This set is internationally certified and perfect for anyone who handles intricate work, including DIY drone builders, electricians, automotive techs, and electronics workers.  Certified Precision — and the Paperwork to Back It […]

The Difference Between Chrome Vanadium and Chrome Molybdenum

Most people probably assume all chrome is the same, but there are essential differences between the types of chrome — chrome vanadium and chrome molybdenum — used for crafting hand tools.  It’s a good idea to learn more about these two types of chrome. Expanding your knowledge will help you make the best selection the […]

Air Blow Guns

Air blow guns are perfect for cleaning or drying your work efficiently and fast. These hand-held tools let you deliver a steady stream of compressed air wherever you need it. Woodworkers use them to clean away excess shavings from their carvings. Car detailers use them to remove dirt and grime from hard to reach surfaces. […]

Wire Strippers and Crimpers

Wire strippers and crimpers allow you to tackle a wide range of DIY electrical projects. High-quality strippers and crimpers are a must. Using a Wire Stripper A wire stripper is essential for electrical work. They allow you to remove the insulation surrounding a bare wire so you can plug it into an electrical terminal or […]

When Is It Time for a Brake Fluid Change?

Just as engine oil keeps a car running, brake fluid is vital to helping the car come to a stop.  Changing your brake fluid can’t be left as a footnote in your maintenance checklist. Proper brake maintenance is crucial to keeping your car running smoothly — and keeping yourself safe.  If you have questions about […]

How to Replace Brake Lines

Brake hoses and lines are filled with incompressible brake fluid. They convey pressure from the master cylinder to the cylinders at the wheels, engaging the brakes at the wheels when the brake pedal is pushed down. Leakage in any part of this system, shown by a decreasing level of fluid in the brake cylinder, requires […]

Wrenches Buying Guide

A wrench is part of every well-equipped toolkit. Wrenches can help you loosen and tighten bolts, screws, mechanical caps, cases, and more. Whether the job calls for a basic combination wrench, a powerful torque wrench, or a high-end ratchet wrench — or some combination of all of them — having the right wrenches at hand […]

How-To: Torque Wheel Nuts Properly with Torque Sticks

Step 1: Select A Torque Stick With 20% Lower Torque Than Your Final Wheel Torque Start by using a breaker bar (not a torque wrench) to break loose the wheel nuts. The long handle on a breaker bar allows you to generate a larger amount of torque with the same amount of force, enabling you […]

New: High Performance Air Blow Gun Accessory Sets

Time to Accessorize We recently released the High Performance Air Blow Gun, an upgraded model of the customer favorite Air Blow Gun, and now it’s time to accessorize.  Mechanic’s Tray Sets Get fully equipped with the accessory and mechanic’s tray sets. We’ve included additional accessory and tray only configurations for those that may have purchased […]

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