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Bench Vises- Know the Difference

As you know, it’s important to find the tool that’s best for the job at hand. While both the Ultimate Grip Forged Steel Bench Vise and Rotating Head Bench Vise would make a great addition to your work bench, each has its own special features that set them apart from each other and other vises […]

Let’s Get Organized

Capri Tools has a few solutions to better organize wrenches in the work space. Wether you’re on the go, or just working around the shop, you’re sure to find a way that works best for you. Mechanic’s Tray Mechanic’s Tray The Mechanic’s Tray is perfect for tool chest organizing. Sized to fit in most standard […]

NEW: High Performance Air Blow Gun

2X the Air Flow in the Palm of Your Hand The Capri Tools Air Blow Gun is one of our customer favorites and the top-selling air gun on Amazon. While this model will still be a go-to for many, we’ve made a few improvements to bring to you the new High Performance Air Blow Gun. […]

Capri Tools Summer 2019 Releases

At Capri Tools, we strive to bring the latest and greatest to our customers. This summer, we added three new items to our growing catalog of must have tools. June- 3/8” Drive Impact Socket Sets with Aluminum Tray In June, we partnered with Westling Machine to bring customers a Billet Aluminum Socket Tray, the perfect […]

New: 620 Lumen LED Work Light

Things just got A LOT brighter The new Capri Tools Handheld Rechargeable LED Work Light is the next must-have item for your tool box, work shop, or on the road kit. We’ve brought this light on to the market at an affordable $69.99, without sacrificing the quality you need in a work light. With a light […]

How to Move a Car in Tight Spaces with Jack Dollies?

Tech Tips | All About Hydraulic Jack Dollies What are hydraulic jack dollies and why do you need them? The Capri Tools hydraulic jack dollies let you lift your vehicle off the ground and move it around to another desired location. Smoothly lift your vehicle off the ground with ease using a foot operated pedal. Four jacks [...]

How to use Vacuum Brake Bleeder

Tech Tips | Brake Bleeding What is brake bleeding and why is it necessary? Brake fluid is an essential part of the brake system. The pressure you place on the brake pedal moves the brake fluid which in turn moves the brake parts to slow the wheel. Over time, brake fluids can be contaminated with […]

Bolt cutters – Made to Destroy

Bolt cutters are heavy duty, hand-held cutting tools which can comfortably slice through tough metal objects such as chains, bolts, wire, rods and padlocks. They typically have long handles…

Bits & Sockets – Sockets for every application

Socket bits are a combination of a bit, such as a screwdriver bit, and a hex socket. Socket bits connect to a turning tool such as a ratchet in the same manner as a hex socket, using a square drive socket.

Pneumatic Tools – Built for the bigger things in life

A pneumatic tool, air tool, air-powered tool or pneumatic-powered tool is a type of power tool, driven by compressed air, supplied by an air compressor. Pneumatic tools are safer to run and maintain than their electric power tool equivalents, and have a higher power-to-weight ratio, allowing a smaller, lighter tool to accomplish the same task. […]

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