Best Gift Ideas This Christmas!

The holidays are coming up, and you’re probably starting to think about potential gifts for your loved ones. If you have a mechanic in your life, or even just someone who likes to tinker with cars, a new tool would make a thoughtful gift for them. If you want to add to your car lover […]

Double Box End Wrench Essential

In situations where you need a double box-ended wrench, you want to have the right one available. This tool comes in handy when you need to unscrew bolts situated in tight spots or recessed bolts. Choose a quality wrench that will allow you to grip the fastener and loosen it with ease.  ‌‌ Why you […]

The Many Wrenches of Capri

A wrench is a valuable tool for construction, automotive repair, electrical repair, or woodwork. You can also use it to level equipment, drive lag screws, and make adjustments to appliances and fixtures. It grips, tightens and loosens things like pipes, pipe fittings, screws, nuts, and bolts. You might overlook a wrench until you realize the […]

Where To Use Miniature Wrenches

 As a tool lover, you may be interested in using small wrenches to do tasks in tight spaces that can’t be easily accessed with larger tools. ‌ Capri Tools’ miniature wrenches come in a variety of small sizes and are well constructed for uses ranging from electronics to bicycle repair. Built for precision and durability, […]

Flex-Head Angle Impact Wrench

Meta data: Primary search keyphrase: Working torque Secondary search keyphrases: Max Torque, 120° flex-head with 360° swivel handle, Pneumatic, Impact Wrench, twin hammer mechanism, dual air intake motor, ultra-slim impact head, 400ft.lbs MAX torque, 280ft.lbs working torque Meta description: Need power and flexibility to get the job done? Our flex head angle impact wrench gives […]

How to Use a Brake Flaring Tool and Why You’ll Need It

If you’re handling your own auto repair, you’ll need a brake flaring tool. Whether you’re doing maintenance or fixing up a project car, knowing how to properly flare brake lines is a must.  Flaring brake lines creates a leak-proof connection without any additional sealant, ensuring you won’t loose fluid that could put your brakes at risk […]

Tips on Using a Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a great tool for maintaining cars, lawnmowers, and many other types of mechanical equipment. Many people overtighten nuts and other fasteners, leading to stripped threads, broken bolts, and expensive repairs. By using a torque wrench, you can set the exact twisting force you need for every screw, bolt, and fastener. This […]

Making the Turn: The User’s Guide to Impact Torque

We’ve all been there. You’re working on that important project, and your biggest holdup is that stubborn nut that just won’t budge. It may be rusted out or in such tight quarters that you can’t get the leverage you need. But you don’t care what the reason is —this nut has to go. You need […]

Understanding OSHA Standards for Air Blow Guns

When you’re working in a shop, safety is your top concern. Injuries affect the health and welfare of your workers and can deal a major blow to productivity. That’s why it’s important to know the OSHA regulations that govern air blow guns. Air blow guns are used in a variety of different contexts, from cleaning […]

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