Understanding OSHA Standards for Air Blow Guns

When you’re working in a shop, safety is your top concern. Injuries affect the health and welfare of your workers and can deal a major blow to productivity. That’s why it’s important to know the OSHA regulations that govern air blow guns. Air blow guns are used in a variety of different contexts, from cleaning […]

Sockets Buying Guide

A socket wrench is a tool that inserts into a socket to turn a fastener, usually a nut or bolt.  The tool consists of a ratchet and a socket. A socket is a driver that envelops the head of a fastener, while a ratchet is a wrench device with a handle that fits into one […]

How to Change a Cabin Air Filter with Screwdrivers

‌There are parts of a vehicle that even the most seasoned motorheads can overlook. The cabin air filter is one of them. But, this vital component is in charge of more than you might think. ‌Without a cabin air filter, pollen and dust would pollute the air inside your car. Unpleasant odors would greet you […]

How to Install an Air Intake Manifold Gasket

If your engine has been overheating, leaking coolant, or losing power, it may be time to replace your intake manifold gasket. This crucial gasket prevents overheating and helps keep your engine running its best. Fix your intake manifold gasket by following the steps below. Tools needed: ‌ Ratchet ‌ Sockets ‌Drain pan ‌ Screwdriver set […]

Staying Organized

If you ever find yourself in any of these situations, it might time for a toolbox reboot: You keep having to stop what you’re doing to dig through your mess of tools. You’ve been adding to your collection for so long that you only now realize things are out of control. You’ve bought a replacement […]

How to Reach Tight Spots

Tight spots are a fact of life for mechanics. You get a nut and bolt somewhere deep inside the car body and you can barely get in to see it, let alone work with it. You don’t have a thin wrench, so you try to bend your body just so and slide the wrench in, […]

Capri Tools Semi- Deep Sockets

For any job you do, you don’t just need the essential tools of the trade but the best ones available. Whether you’re a professional mechanic, a DIY enthusiast, or a dedicated hobbyist, you’ve come to the right place. Capri Tools offers a comprehensive selection of tools for just about any job, no matter how big […]

Why Your Toolbox Needs Stubby Wrenches

A lot of tool lovers across the world might be missing a headache-saving tool without even realizing it. They’re called stubby wrenches and they’re one of the best everyday tools, especially if you work in cramped spaces.  ‌ What Is a Stubby Wrench? Imagine a traditional combination style wrench that has been shrunk, and you […]

Ultra Precise Torque Limiting Screwdriver Set

Not ‘Pretty Good’ Precision — Ultra Precision When precision is important, our Ultra Precise Torque Limiting Screwdriver Set is sure to hit the mark. This set is internationally certified and perfect for anyone who handles intricate work, including DIY drone builders, electricians, automotive techs, and electronics workers.  Certified Precision — and the Paperwork to Back It […]

The Difference Between Chrome Vanadium and Chrome Molybdenum

Most people probably assume all chrome is the same, but there are essential differences between the types of chrome — chrome vanadium and chrome molybdenum — used for crafting hand tools.  It’s a good idea to learn more about these two types of chrome. Expanding your knowledge will help you make the best selection the […]

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