Premium Flex-Head Ratchets

(18 customer reviews)



Premium Flex-Head Ratchets



  • 180 degree swivel flex-head
  • 72-tooth fine gear ratchet
  • 5 degree swing arc
  • True single-pawl gear design
  • Dual direction ratcheting gear
  • Sealed to prevent dust, dirt and liquids from entering the head
  • Flawless MaxChrome plating
(18 customer reviews)

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Premium Flex-Head Ratchets

The Serious Industrialist

Combines Performance and Versatility

Extended Reach

Flex-Head Ratchets feature a longer handle for a more comfortable grip and extended reach.

Swivel Head

Flex-head allows the ratchet to navigate around the tightest corners and oddest angles you encounter while working.
72Tooth_IconWhite copy

Fine Ratchet Gear

The ratchet is made with fine 72-teeth gear with true single-pawl gear design gives our ratchet an unparalleled smooth ratcheting mechanism and also allows us to construct a low profile ratchet for enhanced versatility.

Flawless MaxChrome Plating

The flex-head ratchet has our flawless MaxChrome plating, achieved by thorough polishing and careful application of chrome protective plating, to ensure durability and corrosion resistance.
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The Capri Tools flex-head ratchet combines performance and versatility. With a 180 swivel head, this ratchet is able to reach all those odd angles and tight corners you encounter while working. It features a 72-tooth fine ratcheting gear, needing only 5 degrees of swing arc for each turn. The small swing arc is essential for working in narrow spots but also helps you get the job done faster. Anti-dust design seals out dusts and debris to protect the gear and maintain internal lubrication for sustained high performance over time. The ratcheting gears works in both directions with a flush mounted lever that you can switch with just a flip of your thumb. The flex-head ratchet has our flawless MaxChrome plating, achieved by thorough polishing and careful application of chrome protective plating, to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. Available in 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” drive.

Technical Data

Premium Flex-Head Ratchets

Part Number Description l (in.) wt (lbs.)
CP12000FX 3-Piece Set, 1/4", 3/8, and 1/2" Drive - -
CP12100FX 1/4" Drive 6.25 0.3
CP12300FX 3/8" Drive 11.68 0.85
CP12500FX 1/2" Drive 17.5 2.15

Repair Kits

Part Number Description l (in.) wt (lbs.)
CP12100FX-RKIT 1/4" Drive - -
CP12300FX-RKIT 3/8" Drive - -
CP12500FX-RKIT 1/2" Drive - -

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Lifetime Warranty


CP12000FX: 886352120012, CP12100FX: 886352121064, CP12300FX: 886352123068, CP12500FX: 886352125062

Drive Size

1/4 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 3-Piece Set, 1/4 in. Repair Kit, 3/8 in. Repair Kit, 1/2 in. Repair Kit

18 reviews for Premium Flex-Head Ratchets

  1. lucas.carr (verified owner)

    I picked up the 3/8 Drive flex head when they first released and boy was I impressed. Much longer than the fix head counterpart, providing additional leverage and if you are like me and have massive hands like Shreck this is way more comfortable overall but that’s not to say the fixed head doesn’t have its place because it sure does in tight areas. Most Flex heads tend to have an issue after a while to become a bit floppy and I can tell assure my ratchet has not developed that habit yet, now I do plan on applying some red Loctite on the Torx screw that holds the head together but at the moment it is perfectly fine. Capri actually already has blue Loctite applied so it is pretty stiff, to begin with. I have already used this ratchet on a few brake jobs and the leverage comes in handy with caliper bolts especially with the flex head allowing you to maneuver around the suspension components that depending on the application tend to get in the way. This ratchet blows away anything in its price range (Referring to the 3/8), the big box store brands like Husky, Craftsman, and Kobalt flexheads are all price a bit higher than this product, the craftsman actually goes for 70 dollars which is absolutely ridiculous. This 3/8 is 35 bucks and is way more comparable to a gearwrench and even some of the tool truck stuff. So for the price, you can’t beat it. I gave this to my buddy who is a diesel mechanic to beat on for a week and he was extremely impressed and plans on picking up one of his own for work in the coming weeks. My buddy loves the chrome polished handle and says it feels great in his hand, whereas I prefer comfort grip I actually love this handle but Capri seems to have a soft handle in the works. Anyways you won’t regret picking this ratchet up its well worth it! I plan on picking up the 1/4 and 1/2 soon.

  2. Juan Lopez (verified owner)

    I bought the 3 piece ratchet set a couple of weeks ago. So far I like them a lot, the only thing I wish was that they had a locking flex head. Otherwise they are a great buy and I use them almost on a daily basis.

  3. Josh F (verified owner)

    I bought the 3/8 and 1/4 flex head ratchets a few months back and I’m very impressed so far. Super smooth for a 72 tooth ratchet. Chrome on these is better than most in this price range and the extra length is nice to have. They need to come out with a comfort grip version!! Highly recommend!

  4. selvaracing (verified owner)

    Excellent set of ratchets. Quality is top notch, these are used on a daily basis in a professional automotive repair shop, and have performed flawlessly. I hope Capri Tools expands this ratchet head into other models like a stubby and extra long handle. I would buy them in a hot minute!

  5. ryan.johnston.86 (verified owner)

    I bought the complete set. Smooth action, strong, beautiful finish. I only wish there were more capri tools available to purchase.

  6. fcmarq99 (verified owner)

    Love this little ratchet. Use it more than my Snap-on. Hoping they will start making longer one.

  7. Blake Biffle (verified owner)

    Good quality tools for reasonable prices!

  8. rioranchonm (verified owner)

    Great Quality and price.

  9. Francisco Gomez (verified owner)

    Bought the 1/2” flex head ratchet a couple weeks ago after moving from Automotive to Heavy Truck/Diesel repair. Great product all around. The finish, feel, and gear mechanism are all 10/10! Fits right in with my Snap-On 1/4” and 3/8” flex heads perfectly.

  10. jklinebriel42 (verified owner)

    I have all the Capri ratchets from a 1/4” to 1/2” with all the flex heads. Super awesome ratchets. Love the chrome and the looks. Love the added leverage especially the 1/2” flex head. I really hope one day Capri will start making some 90 tooth ratchets. The 72 tooth ratchets are great don’t get me wrong but there has been times where the 90 tooth ratchets would really come in handy. I love the Capri colors and see that they make a 3/8” comfort grip breaker bar and really hope they will start doing this with their ratchets. It would probably be a best seller. And if they would also start making a 1/2” flex head ratchet the same length as their 1/2” fixed ratchet. There are times you need to get to a hard to reach spot where you need that shorter flex head ratchet. Let me tell you if they come out with these I’ll be the first one to buy them as I think Capri has some of the best tools on the market right now. Yet to have any break and that’s what I like. And if I’m not breaking them working industrial maintenance then that should tell you something. Good work Capri

  11. rob.sullivan2014 (verified owner)

    the fit and finish is outstanding. I bought the complete set. These are smooth turning and quiet. Does not take much effort to spin these; did i mention they are smooth? Wish i had these a long time ago. The prices are hard to beat. I think these exceed ratchets that are much higher priced from other places. the price and the quality are hard to beat!!

  12. Billy J Parker (verified owner)

    I purchased the 3/8’s Flex-Head because I am an avid DIY at home auto-hobbyist and while it would be easy for me to cheap-out and buy just any ratchet, I wanted something that will potentially last me the life of my work, and something I can pass on and will be just as great a tool for my kiddos and grands as it is for me.

    Pros: It gets the job done right, the tooth-count is fantastic, it’s the perfect number for good turns, but also excellent grab internally. The length is excellent for higher torque and the flex head allows me to easily transition into a spin when the bolt I am working with is loose to quickly move on to the next task.

    Cons: The flex moves around a smidge to easy for me, so I may tighten it. Nothing that would otherwise cause me to toss it for a different tool.

    In conclusion, I really enjoy my Capri Tool purchases. They have been the best bang-for-buck scenario. The durability-per-cost, and overall look, feel, and CR-v finish is perfect. Keep up the great work and I’ll be back for more!

  13. wjswicegood (verified owner)

    I’ve had the 1/4” and 3/8” for a while now. They have functioned just fine so far and have a great chrome finish on them.

  14. Louis Jimenez (verified owner)

    Excellent flex head wrench. I tried a few, ended up returning all of them. The Capri is by far the best of all the flex heads I have tried. Unlike some of the “maracas” I received, the Capri flex head is very well built and the head is very positional and stays in place. the ability to use it in a “screwdriver” position is not something that is an advantage for the projects I use the wrench for. I am very pleased with my purchase. I highly recommend Capri Tools! I am very happy with all the products I have purchased.

  15. jnunez4915 (verified owner)

    Love them , brought the set and I find my self using them more then my MAC 88. I hope they come out with the locking head .
    If you’re on the fence on buying these . Just do it you won’t regret it.
    Plus the customer service and warranty are top notch here.

  16. eells87 (verified owner)

    I currently have the 3/8th flex head ratchet, so far it has performed perfectly. I really enjoy the length and the smoothness of the ratchet. The finish is excellent. If the flex portion becomes to loose it is simple to tighten. I will definitely be purchasing the 1/4 and 1/2 version.

  17. albertballew.ab (verified owner)

    Well here we go. Got all 3 flex ratchets and so far really like . I’m really ruff on my tools I rather feel the bolt break lose under me so only time will tell. Not much of a power tool guy .

  18. tucker.brooks (verified owner)

    I bought all three flex head ratchets. I must say I am pretty impressed. For the price, you can’t beat these. I love the extended handles also! Very smooth action and seem to be pretty well built. If you are on the fence about a non locking flex head ratchet, go pick these up! Don’t forget about your military discount if you served!

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