Multi Angle Gas Soldering Iron Kit


Multi Angle Gas Soldering Iron Kit



10-piece soldering tip set includes lead-free solder, magnetic stand, storage tray, deflector, cleaning sponge, and a variety of interchangeable tips and attachments. It also comes with the following features:

  • Three angle positions at 5°, 45°, and 90° — adjustable with a simple press of a button
  • Four flame settings that let you adjust flame intensity and length according to your needs
  • Six interchangeable tips for shaping, soldering, and more
  • Hot blower with exhaust allows you to heat, shape, and remove materials
  • Micro-torch can be used in an open flame for a wide range of heating applications
  • Safety lock prevents accidental ignition
  • Stand with magnetic base secures the tool to uneven and curved surfaces
  • Fuel window to fill your fuel tank
  • 45–60 minute burn time
  • 0.32 oz fuel tank capacity

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Multi-Angle Gas Soldering Iron

So Pro.

6 Interchangeable Tips

6 interchangeable tips for soldering, cutting, shaping and more.

• Sharp Knife
• Bevel Tip
• Chisel Tip
• Needle Tip
• Hot Knife
• Deflector

3 Multi-Angle Positions

Angled positions at 5°, 45°, 90°, easily adjustable to a position best suited for work.


The Multi-Angle Butane Soldering Iron Kit lets you take care of soldering, cutting shaping, and more with a single tool. The kit includes 6 easy-to-change interchangeable tips for soldering and cutting (soldering tip, sharp knife, anvil tip, chisel tip, needle tip, hot knife), and 1 deflector attachment for shaping. The tool transforms into a hot blower or a micro butane torch for a wide variety of heating, shaping, and material removing applications. Features multi-angle positions at 5°, 45°, and 90° adjustable with a simple press of a button, 4 flame settings to adjust its length and intensity, safety ignition lock, and a magnetic handsfree base stand. A transparent fuel windows lets you see when the fuel tank is full and when it’s almost time for a refill. Fill the tank with butane gas designed for lighters and torches (butane gas not included). Set completes with a Mechanic’s Tray for easy organization and storage.

Hot Blower

Open Flame Micro Torch

4 Flame Settings

Easily adjust the flame length and intensity according to your needs.

Fuel Window

Clear fuel window lets you see when the fuel tank is filled and when it is near empty.


• Soldering Iron
• Protective Case
• Magnetic Stand
• Lead-Free Solder
• Cleansing Sponge
• 6 Interchangeable Tips
• Mechanics Tray

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CP21450 Multi-Angle Butane Soldering Iron Kit 12.50 8.00 1.25