How-To: 1/2″ Drive Impact Screwdriver

Screws used on brakes, engines, and other machinery can be difficult to loosen with an average screwdriver, that’s where the Capri Tools Impact Screwdriver comes in. An impact screwdriver will easily and safely free screws that have seized up or deteriorated over time without rounding fasteners. A good thing about hand impact screwdrivers is that they offer the user more control while working, unlike power impact tools.

Here’s a quick, six step, guide on how to change bits and operate the Capri Tools 1/2″ Drive Impact Screwdriver. A downloadable PDF of the user manual is also available at the end of the guide. 

Step 1:
Install the socket adapter on the impact screwdriver.

Step 2:
Set the screwdriver turn direction by following the engraved L and R markings on the driver. Push the driver towards the handle until you are able to turn the driver 45° in either direction.

Step 3:
With the driver pushed in towards the handle, turn the driver toward R for clockwise turn and turn the driver toward L for counterclockwise turn. Release the driver to lock the turn direction in place.

Step 4:
Place a screwdriver bit into the hex socket.

Step 5:
Hammer the back end of the impact screwdriver to fasten or loosen screws.

Step 6:
Remove the bit before changing the screwdriver direction.

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