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Founded size years go, SGB racing has served countless professional racers and amateur enthusiasts with their suspension tuning, custom bike building, and general bike maintenance needs.

If you follow sports like motocross and supercross you may already be familiar with SGB Racing. And if you live in or near northern Maryland, you may have already used their shop services – especially if you ride a bike or drive an ATV.

What you may not know, though, is that SGB Racing is in their second year partnering with Capri Tools. We’re proud of this relationship, and we consider SGB Racing to be one of our most important customers.

SGB Racing was founded by owner and operator Jason Butschky six years ago. Since then, SGB has served countless professional racers and amateur enthusiasts alike with their suspension tuning, custom bike building, and general bike maintenance needs. They also offer many other services like custom engine building and custom graphic installation.

As their name suggests, SGB Racing also manages a professional motocross and supercross racing team. Competing in these sports is tough, and presents many challenges. Even if you can’t attend one of these events in person, a look at their YouTube, Facebook or Instagram social media accounts will convince you that this pursuit is not for the faint of heart.

Jason is a racing fan, a family man, and quite a character with a great sense of professionalism and humor. He served on the Midnight Patrol of the Baltimore Police Department for eleven years before leaving to pursue his passion for motocross. He has few, if any, regrets.

We recently caught up with the Owner & Operator of SGB Racing Jason Butschky where we learn why he started his company & what continues to drive him to serve others.

How did SGB get started?

Jason: "When my father passed away suddenly in 2014, I felt very lost. He was my mentor. We did everything together, including motocross. Once I turned eighteen, I decided to follow in his footsteps and I joined the Baltimore Police Department.

I served for eleven years on Midnight Patrol. After that, I looked for a way to keep my father’s legacy alive. In 2015 I cemented his legacy by founding SGB Racing."

What does SGB stand for?

We were curious about where the name came from. Jason explained that SGB are his father’s initials. Stephen Grover Butschky was his name. Because they did motocross together, Jason thought that SGB Racing would be the perfect name to honor his father’s legacy.

What service does SGB offer?

Jason is proud to offer his services to some elite clients as well as ordinary folks who love to ride. His specializations are performance tuning and suspension modification for motorcycles and ATVs, as well as race preparation. They also provide coatings for both global suspension companies and individuals.

How did you start your own Motocross Team?

Jason: "I just wanted to help a group of hard-working people realize their ambitions. That’s why I formed and then marketed the team. I must admit, it was harder and more stressful than I first expected. But in the end, it’s all been worth it."

What do you enjoy most about Motocross Races?

Jason: "I just love the amount of physically demanding work that’s needed to compete at a high level. Unless you race yourself, you probably underestimate the work and the work ethic that goes into every performance. But I enjoy it more than just the physical demand. My involvement means I get to meet some of the best people in the world and work alongside some of the greatest companies."

What is your favorite track to ride?

Jason: "Despite having hurt myself there many times, Budds Creek is still my favorite. I’ve always been a big fan of that track."

How Do You Prepare for a Race Season?

Jason: "Most of my preparation is on the management end. So, I’m responsible for securing each season’s sponsorship and funding. I also have to make sure that we have the parts and the equipment the team needs to compete at the highest level. Then there’s always liaison back and forth with our team sponsors. I need to make sure they’re happy with things like logo positioning and placement.

I also look after the riders. But they can pretty much take care of themselves. So that part of the preparation doesn’t take much of my time."

What Does a Typical Race Day Look Like?

Jason: "With the right preparation, race day becomes the easiest day of all. We practice starting in the early morning. That’s followed by the qualifying races. Then the qualifiers compete in two 30- minute races."

What Has Been Your Biggest Achievement in the Industry?

Jason: "My goal from day one was to keep my father’s legacy alive. So all of my achievements carry a strong personal meaning. I always feel proud when I see my company in magazines, video games, toys, and on TV — even though that may seem like a small goal."

What Advice Would You Give to Younger Capri Tools Users Wanting to Get into Racing?

Jason: "The first thing I’d say is to have fun and enjoy it. There’s simply no other sport that unites families in recreation. With most traditional sports, parents usually drop off their kids while they go do something else. But with motocross, teenagers spend whole weekends with their families camping, joy riding, and racing.

Not many activities make kids want to hang out with their parents like that. That’s what motocross is all about. It’s a beautiful thing for all involved."

Do You Have to Start Racing at a Young Age to Be Successful?

Jason: "They say that practice makes perfect. So, the sooner you start, the better your chances will be. That doesn’t mean starting later in life will make for an unsuccessful career. But starting later does create more challenges."

What Was Your Greatest Race?

Jason: "Our greatest race as a team was at Pala Motocross in 2020. Jordan Jarvis qualified for both of the pro motocross races. That was a huge accomplishment. All our riders finished inside the top 20 that day. Not bad for a little-funded team."

SGB Racing and Capri Tools

Besides being a Capri Racing partner, SGB Racing — and Jason himself — are avid Capri tools users. As you might imagine, operating a bike and ATV mechanical repair service requires a wide range of the highest quality tools available. Add to that the pressure of competing professionally in elite, demanding sports, and you can see that there’s no one more qualified than SGB Racing to put our tools through their paces. A day doesn’t go by without one of Jason’s top-notch team members reaching for one Capri tool or another.

What Is Your Favorite Capri Tool?

Jason: "That’s a tough question. I’m not sure I have an answer because I use so many different Capri Tools depending on the job. Like I said before, the Air Nozzle is the one I use the most. But I also use the socket sets every day. To be honest, I have yet to find a tool we don’t love."

Thank You, SGB Racing

We wish you the best in the upcoming season!

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