Rotating Head and Base Bench Vises

(5 customer reviews)

Rotating Head and Base Bench Vises


  • 60,000 psi heavy-duty ductile iron
  • 360° rotation for base as desired
  • 360° rotation for head, with 12 different locking positions
  • Knurled jaws grip objects firmly
  • Large anvil provides more working space
  • 10-Year warranty
(5 customer reviews)

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Rotating Head & Base Bench Vises

The Serious Industrialist

The Ultimate Grip

60,000 PSI
Drop-Forged Steel

This vise uses high-strength 60,000 PSI drop-forged steel, which has 26% higher tensile strength and 37% higher fatigue strength than cast iron. This makes for greater overall strength and long-term durability.

360° Rotatable
Head & Base

Both the head and base can be rotated 360°. While the head can be locked in with a pull pin at 12 different set points, each within 30° of the other, the base can be locked in at whatever point you desire, making this a truly versatile bench vise with all the components to get your job done.

Diamond Grip Pattern

Notice the diamond pattern on the grips; this design makes the grip that much more solid.

Heavy-Duty Machined Anvil

This forged steel anvil provides you with a larger work surface and has a smooth finish, ideal for shaping and bending metal.


Use this bench vise for all kinds of woodwork, pipe work, metalwork, sawing, drilling, and gluing things together! Boasting 6,600 lbs. of clamping force, this bench vise is designed for more diverse work with its base and head that rotate 360 degrees for extra customizability. The head can be locked in at 12 set points, each within 30 degrees, and the base is easy to place and lock the jaws wherever needed. The heavy duty ductile iron (60,000 psi) is remarkably strong and can execute mid-level applications flawlessly. The Capri Tools 10 year warranty is included to give you peace of mind.

Technical Data

Part Number Clamping Force (lbs.) Jaw Width (in.) Jaw Opening (in.) Throat Depth (in.) Height (in.) Max. Len (in.) Handle Handle Length Anvil Bolt Size Mount wt. (lbs.)
w o d h l i k a s m
CP10518 6,600 5 4.00 3.50 10.60 16.50 0.50 9.00 2.75 3/8 8.00 50.00
CP10519 6,600 6 5.00 4.30 11.80 18.10 0.50 9.00 2.85 3/8 8.00 53.00

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5-inch, 6-inch

5 reviews for Rotating Head and Base Bench Vises

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    This vise is awesome! Workmanship is top notch. I bought this for my home shop and it is just as big and high quality as the vices used in the government facility I used to work in. The tools we used were the best of the best. I believe those vices were in the $1,000.00 range and this 6″ vice compares side by side with those. Thanks Capri for making it affordable for me to own.

  2. Justin

    Ive had this vice for probably 4 or 5 years now as a welder and have zero complaints in quality. Only thing you may want to do is add loctite to all the threads when you get it. These have an amazing clamping force.

  3. Thomas & April Anders (verified owner)

    Great Vise! I would recommend taking it apart for a good cleaning and lube, as there’s some debris in the internals from the manufacturing process, which is fine with me because you won’t find better anywhere near this price! It’s extremely sturdy, robust, and dependable – what more do you want from a long term relationship?

    Pull the trigger – you won’t regret it!

  4. Jesse Sanchez

    I love this vise! It’s well made.

  5. elementixx (verified owner)

    Very versatile vise; adjusts every which way. Super-strong ductile iron. Spec’s say to use 3/8″ mounting bolts but it will actually accept 1/2″; use grade 8 bolts, and this thing’s not going anywhere. If you purchase, you will be very satisfied with it. “No One Ever Regrets Buying Good Tools”

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