Torque calibration – Precision & Precision

The torque wrench is a key instrument in precision work, so even the smallest obstacle could offset a calibration enough to break a stud, loosen a nut or leave a stripped thread. A torque wrench that is prepped before use will guarantee the most accurate result. Clean and undamaged threads specifically define torque values on this type of wrench.

This is critical when knowing the settings for each torque wrench job. As technology continues to move in a progressive direction with an emphasis on efficiency and durability, controlled tightening has become the means to better quality control. Measuring the level of tightening ensures that fasteners are at their optimal operating efficiency without being damaged.

Torque tools are measuring instruments and are subject to natural wear. We thus recommend to have torque wrenches recalibrated at regular intervals (generally once a year) or at least after 5,000 load cycles to guarantee long-term precision. During recalibration in our in-house laboratory the torque wrenches are checked for their proper function and then tested at 20%, 60% and 100% of the maximum torque. At any test point 5 measurements are made and documented. If the measured values are within the tolerance a factory calibration certificate is issued. If the measured values do not meet the requested tolerance the torque wrench is adjusted and the test procedure is repeated.

All of our torque wrenches are tested and certified using ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789:2003 standards.

For more information on recalibration service, contact our Customer Service for more information.

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