Industrial Plus Torque Wrench

Unique Pull-Out and Crank

Unique pull-out and crank to adjust torque.


The industrial plus torque wrenches are calibrated to a +/- 3% (CW) accuracy. A certificate of calibration is included with all of our torque wrenches with individual traceable serial number for each unit.

Large Display Scale

Clear scale displays in both ft-lbs and N.m


Model# CP31503
• Designed for industrial applications that requires high accuracy

• Made with most durable hardened aluminum alloy
• Ultra weight savings, 56% lighter in comparison to a torque wrench in the same size and range 
• 33% shorter length, perfect for hard-to-reach areas where space is tight 
• Specially tuned loud click, useful in a noisy environment such as assembly line
• Length independent – it can be torque at any length on the handle, offers reliability and safety.

• Calibrated for CW directions
• Accuracy ±3% CW
• Certified in accordance with ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789:2003
• Maintain accuracy for 5,000 cycles at full torque capacity
• CNC machined components produce consistent accuracy
• Unique pull and crank mechanism to adjust torque
• Includes calibration certificate
• Custom fitted case included

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Model No. Drive Torque Range Increments l (in.) wt (lbs) a (in.) h (in.)
31503 3/4″ 100-560 ft-lbs / 140-760 Nm 10 ft-lbs 32.3 6.2 1 0.5