SmartKrome Low Profile Ratchets


SmartKrome Low Profile Ratchets


  • 72-tooth fine gear ratchet, 5 degree swing arc
  • Dual direction ratcheting dear
  • Low profile ratchet head lets you work in tight spots with low clearance
  • Sealed to prevent dust, dirt and liquids from entering the head
  • Flawless SmartKrome plating

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72 Teeth Fine Ratchet Gear

The ratchet is made with fine 72-teeth gear that allows just 5 degrees of ratchet swing. It is efficient and perfect for working in tight areas

Low Profile

Premium performance with low profile makes it easy to work in tight areas.

Anti Dust Design

It designed to seals out dusts and debris, protects the gear, and maintains internal lubrication for sustained high performance over time.


The Capri Tools Low Profile Ratchet is the go to ratchet that combines performance and versatility. It features a 72-tooth fine ratcheting gear, needing only 5 degrees of swing arc for each turn. The small swing arc is essential for working in narrow spots but also helps you get the job done faster. With a true single-pawl gear design, the ratchet has an unparalleled ratcheting mechanism that is a joy to use. It also allows us to construct the ratchet with a low profile so you can work in more places that have a small clearance. Anti-dust design seals out dusts and debris to protect the gear and maintain internal lubrication for sustained high performance over time. The ratcheting gears works in both directions with a flush mounted lever that you can switch with just a flip of your thumb. That ratchet has our flawless SmartKrome plating, achieved by thorough polishing and careful application of chrome protective plating, to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. This model has a 1/4 in. drive.

Technical Data

Ratchet Low profile drawing
Model No. Description Drive a (in.) h (in.) L (in.) Weight (lbs)
12000C 3-Piece Set 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
12100C 1/4″ Drive Low Profile Ratchet 1/4″ 0.90 0.41 5.12 0.24
12300C 3/8″ Drive Low Profile Ratchet 3/8″ 1.19 0.58 7.80 0.62
12500C 1/2″ Drive Low Profile Ratchet 1/2″ 1.46 0.70 9.84 1.15

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Drive Size

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