Professional Torque Wrenches

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Professional Torque Wrenches



  • Designed for maintaining automotive parts, bikes, and others
  • Accuracy ±4% CW
  • Certified in accordance with ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789:2003
  • Maintain accuracy for 5,000 cycles at full torque capacity
  • CNC machined components produce consistent accuracy
  • Laser-edged dual torque scale
  • Calibration certificate included
  • Custom fitted case included
(5 customer reviews)

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Professional Torque Wrenches

The Serious Industrialist

The Pros Choice

Dual Torque

The high contrast Foot-Pound and Newton Meter dual scale provides a vivid and clear reading of the measurement that will never fade.

Exceptional Accuracy

The diamond series torque wrenches are calibrated to a +/- 4% (CW) accuracy. These units are tested and proven to maintain their accuracy for 5,000 cycles at full torque capacity.

Certified Accuracy
with Certificate of Confromance

Tested and calibrated. A Certificate of Conformance with unique traceable serial number is included.

Fitted Case

Durable storage case with handle fore easy carrying and storage.


Keep your small vehicles, bikes, and appliances strong and secure like a pro with this powerful professional torque wrench. This professional series torque wrench from Capri Tools features a high-contrast dual range torque scale in Inch Pound / Foot Pound and Newton Meter. It comes with a traceable certificate of calibration, which verifies its accuracy as having a threshold of +/- 4%. Custom fitted case is included.
Part Number Drive Range (American) Increments l (in.) wt. (lbs.) a (in.) h (in.)
CP31007 1/4" 50-245 in-lbs 1 in-lbs 8.30 0.66 1.06 0.78
CP31000 3/8" 15-80 ft-lbs 0.5 ft-lbs 14.60 1.83 1.42 1.10
CP31002 1/2" 30-150 ft-lbs 1 ft-lbs 17.70 2.90 1.73 1.34

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Calibration Certificate

Drive Size



Torque Scale Range

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1 Year Warranty

5 reviews for Professional Torque Wrenches

  1. John (verified owner)

    Very solid and high quality. I’ve used other brand of torque wrench and they felt cheap. Easy to determine when the desired torque was reached.

  2. zachoak (verified owner)

    I’ve only used it a couple of times, but its smaller size helps it fit into spots that my 1/2 digital would not. Seems pretty accurate for the price you pay

  3. orngcrsh68 (verified owner)

    Got this for a friend and just had to try it out before giving it to her. Good solid feel great markings. It will last her lifetime.

  4. natoel5 (verified owner)

    Nice high quality torque wrench. Recommend it to my guys. These tools are a lifelong tool that you will always have. Capri stands behind there tools

  5. albertballew.ab (verified owner)

    1/2 drive feels good let’s see long jeopardy

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