Kontour Slotted Screwdrivers


Kontour Slotted Screwdrivers



  • Forged from Chrome Molybdenum steel with high tensile strength
  • Nonmagnetic black phosphate coated tips for excellent gripping power
  • Kontour handle shaped to fit the curvature of your hand
  • Hybrid pattern design for high speed turning and torque transfer
  • Anti-roll handle
  • Hanging hole for organization and storage
  • Mechanics Tray for tool chest organization

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Kontour Grip

Grip design provides great comfort, balance, and control. Soft grip zones for high torque transfer whereas hard grip zones for high working speeds.

Black Oxide Finish

The black oxide finish offers mild corrosion resistance and extends tool life.

Grooved Edges

Feature prevents the tool rolling away from you when set it down on surfaces.


The Capri Tools Kontour Screwdrivers are forged from Chrome Molybdenum steel, the professionals’ choice steel. It provides the high tensile strength demanded by the professionals. Nonmagnetic black phosphate coated tips provide excellent gripping power and give you easier and more secure turns. The Kontour handle is shaped to fit the curvature of your hand, giving you a powerful and ultra-comfortable grip. The Kontour handle has a hybrid grip covered in alternating soft and hard layers, in a pattern designed to strike the perfect balance between high speed turning and high torque transfer. The hybrid grip gives you a sure grip while lets you quickly shift in between turns. Anti-roll design makes sure the screwdriver stays where you leave it and won’t roll away. Hanging hole at the top of the handle lets you use standard hooks for organization and storage. 

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