Diamond Torque Wrenches

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Diamond Torque Wrenches



  • Special diamond contour grip design, high impact resistant sure-grip handle
  • Calibrated with an accuracy of +/-4% CW
  • Certified in accordance with ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789:2003
  • Maintain accuracy for 5,000 cycles at full torque capacity
  • CNC machined components produce consistent accuracy
  • Positive lock mechanism with spring loaded pull down ring
  • Calibration certificate included
  • Custom fitted case included
(4 customer reviews)

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The diamond series torque wrenches are calibrated to a +/- 4% (CW) accuracy. These units are tested and proven to maintain their accuracy for 5,000 cycles at full torque capacity.


Calibration is performed by comparison with reference standards which have been calibrated by a recognized NIST-laboratory and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. A certificate of calibration is included with all of our torque wrenches with individual traceable serial number for each unit.

100% Steel

The entire body is 100% steel and feels solid in your hand with the knurled handle’s non-slip grip. The engraved Foot-Pound and Newton Meter dual scale provides a vivid and clear reading of the measurement.


This Diamond Series torque wrench by Capri Tools features a diamond contour grip design that combines an ergonomic sure-grip and a lightweight impact resistant construction. The diamond contour grip is designed for a comfortable and steady hold. The handle is made of premium impact resistant materials which is 30% lighter than traditional torque wrench handles. Our spring loaded pull down ring and specially engineered ultra smooth torque dialing help you switch torque settings on the fly: simply pull down the ring, turn the handle, and release the ring. The positive lock mechanism secures the torque setting in place while you work. The quick release button helps you easily switch between bits and sockets. The engraved Inch-Pound/Foot-Pound and Newton Meter dual scale provides a vivid and clear reading of the measurement. Torque tolerance is calibrated at +/- 4%. Each one of our torque wrenches comes with a NIST traceable certificate of calibration, in accordance with ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789:2003 standards. Each torque wrench comes with a high-image case for storage.

Technical Data

Part Number Drive Range (American) Increments l (in.) wt. (lbs.)
CP31100 1/4" 55-250 in-lbs 1.5 in-lbs 11.06 1.17
CP31101 3/8" 15-80 ft-lbs 0.5 ft-lbs 14.21 1.70
CP31103 1/2" 50-250 ft-lbs 2 ft-lbs 21.76 3.50
CP31104 3/4" 80-365 ft-lbs 1.5 ft-lbs 33.07 5.31

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Drive Size

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Calibration Certificate


Torque Range

1/4" Drive, 55-250 in-lbs

4 reviews for Diamond Torque Wrenches

  1. e.rivera2009

    I am reviewing the 3/8 Diamond torque wrench.

    This torque wrench is very nice does not feel cheap at all. At 10 Lbs adjustment, the handle adjuster markings line up perfectly with the markings on the wrench, no gap. Rotating the handle is smooth and precise with no cheap feeling. The diamond handle is very comfortable and fits perfect on my hand. The clicks when the torque is reached is felt on the handle.

    I tested the accuracy of the torque wrench at home using a 1/2″ AC DELCO Torque Adapter and it is spot on. Note: I am a DIY guy with no fancy certified equipment. This is also assuming my Torque adapter is not 100 percent accurate and readings also read based on how slow or steady torque is applied on the torque adapter. I did my best to do a slow steady test. Test results rounded to whole number. The torque adapter I used has a range of 4Lbs – 147Lbs of torque range. So my tests were not also in the optimal range of the torque adapter which is roughly from 45 lbs to 120 lbs of torque range on the adapter. I used trailer lug nuts for the test.

    55 Lbs – TORQUE ADAPTER Displays 57 Lbs.
    40 Lbs – TORQUE ADAPTER Displays 43 Lbs.
    25 Lbs – TORQUE ADAPTER Displays 26 Lbs
    14.7 Lbs – TORQUE ADAPTER Displays 15 Lbs.
    10 Lbs – TORQUE ADAPTER Displays 11 Lbs.

    SPOT ON IN MY BOOK. I highly recommend it. And the case is nice. Even comes with a Capri Tools Decal sticker. Will make a very good tool working in my motorcycle.

  2. seanis52 (verified owner)

    I purchased the 3/8 torque wrench and it has a very positive sounding click also appears to be accurate compared to other brands.
    Would recommend this

  3. JB (verified owner)

    Very nice torque wrench. Like the 1/2 inch that goes to 250 lbs. I also like the diamond handle to adjust the torque. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

  4. pgebert299 (verified owner)

    After my cheap ($25) 1/2″ torque wrench from a store with the initials HF broke after not many uses I searched the internet for the next level in quality. This 1/2″ torque wrench is much higher quality. I love that you can quickly and very easily change the torque settings, which the $25 wrench didn’t allow. I also love that it goes up to over 200 pounds which means when I tighten lug nuts or brake caliper bolts to around 90 pounds I’m not close to the limit of what the wrench can handle. It’s also longer than the old wrench so it’s easier to tighten bolts due to increased leverage. I take care of the cars in my family on the weekends (there are four of us so that means four cars) so I need something that I can count on when doing brake, engine, suspension work, etc., and can’t have a tool fail me in the middle of the job while I’m working outside on the driveway. This is the second tool I’ve purchased from Capri and I find they are high quality.

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