Our Passion

At Capri Tools, every decision we make boils down to these three things: People, Passion, and Quality. People, because our tools are made by people and for people. Passion, because that’s what enables us to keep on creating incredible products. And quality, because we aim to make the highest quality tools possible.

We brought our 30+ years of experience in the tool industry to create Capri Tools. It was about time that professionals got a fair price for exceptional tools that will last. Was that too much to ask?

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without a passion for the job. At Capri Tools, we understand that the tools you use each and every day have a huge impact on your work. Great tools make you more efficient, but if the tools aren’t just right, you will lose out on that efficiency. With great tools, the products you make, or the services you perform, will be that much higher in quality. That’s why we have a passion for getting every last detail right.

At Capri Tools, we don’t want to create tools that just “look pretty” (though we do keep aesthetics in mind). And we don’t want to make the cheapest tools, either (but a fair price is also very important to us!). Our main focus is QUALITY—the highest quality we can achieve. We focus in on every element of the manufacturing process and don’t take any shortcuts. Each decision we make in the manufacturing of our tools is carefully thought-out down to the last detail.

The foundation of an organization is its people. At Capri Tools, we invest heavily in developing current and future leaders through aggressive recruitment, training. Strong, effective leadership keeps our company strategically focused on facing the often unpredictable market forces.

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