New: High Performance Air Blow Gun Accessory Sets

Time to Accessorize

We recently released the High Performance Air Blow Gun, an upgraded model of the customer favorite Air Blow Gun, and now it’s time to accessorize. 

Mechanic’s Tray Sets

Get fully equipped with the accessory and mechanic’s tray sets. We’ve included additional accessory and tray only configurations for those that may have purchased the air blow gun at the initial release. 

The Mechanic’s Tray set is the full package. Included in this set:

High Performance Air Blow gun
4.5 in. nozzle extension
6 in. nozzle extension
OSHA compliant Turbo Nozzle
OSHA compliant Quiet Nozzle
14 in. nozzle extension
Needle Nozzle
Chip guard
Mechanic’s tray

The mechanic’s tray is made of premium EVA material making it durable and impact-resistant. Printed details on the tray make it easy to organize and find the part you need. Slim design lets the tray fit in most tool chest drawers and cabinets. Accessories and components are made of the same durable aluminum and matte finish as the air blow gun body. 

4-Piece Nozzle Set

The High Performance Air Blow Gun comes with a 4.5” nozzle extension in the package, but sometimes you need even more reach.
The 4-Piece Accessory Set comes with a 6 in. and 14 in. nozzle extension, giving more options and reach depending on the job. These nozzles can be mixed and matched for up to a combined length of up to 26.5 in!
A second OSHA compliant nozzle, the Quiet Nozzle, is also included in the set. This nozzle not only reduces pressure to lower than 30 PSI if the tip becomes blocked during operation, it also reduces noise levels to 6-20 dB less than conventional open air jets.

Lastly is the Needle Nozzle. This nozzle comes with an attached rubber tip to protect delicate surfaces, and provides a narrower stream of air flow.

Chip Guard

If you’re going to be using the air blow gun to blast away dust and debris, then the Chip Guard is a must have. This lightweight shield is made to withstand flying debris and add an extra layer of protection. Compatible with any other High Performance nozzles. 
Note: While the chip guard is certainly useful, it is not a substitute for proper eye protection.

This is just a few of the many new products our team is working on. Follow Capri Tools on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter, to stay up to date on all new releases, special offers, and more!

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