New: 620 Lumen LED Work Light

Things just got A LOT brighter

The new Capri Tools Handheld Rechargeable LED Work Light is the next must-have item for your tool box, work shop, or on the road kit. We’ve brought this light on to the market at an affordable $69.99, without sacrificing the quality you need in a work light.
With a light bar that’s twice the size of competitor models (9-3/4”),and a maximum brightness of 620 lumens, this cutting edge COB LED technology gives you an incredibly bright light with an 85-degree wide beam angle. At the touch of a switch, go from cool white illumination, to UV mode. Equally as bright as its counterpart, the UV light will detect those pesky leaks and make your job more productive. Both LED and UV modes can be dimmed and brightened with a rotating dimmer switch, allowing the user to find just the right amount of light they need. 
Dual light mode: Cool white LED for illumination and UV leak detection modes
Can’t see in those narrow spaces? Our LED light’s ultra thin, 10mm, design is perfect for the job allowing you to maneuver and light even the smallest work areas. 
Or go handsfree with the magnetic base! Secure the work light to any flat, steel surface in any orientation and adjust the 360 degree swivel base for maximum handsfree coverage. A felt pad covers the magnet, insuring that delicate surfaces won’t be scuffed or scratched. Two retractable hooks also allow the light to be hung, giving an alternative handsfree method to the magnetic base. 
Metal, retractable hanging hooks
Magnet on tip of light to pick up dropped parts or tools
One magnet just wasn’t enough, so we included two! Along with the magnetic base, there’s a magnet on the tip of the light that will prove useful in picking up dropped nuts, bolts, and even tools!
The rechargeable, UL Listed Li-ion battery, boasts 3 hours of battery life at maximum brightness. When it’s time to recharge, simply plug in the included micro usb charger and wait fo the light indicator to go from red to blue. Then you’re ready to go!

See the LED Work Light in action

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As with all of our products, we stand behind them 100%. The LED Light comes with a 1 year warranty.

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