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Special Membership Discounts

First Responders Discount

Enroll and get 10% discount on us. State and local firefighters, police, EMS workers, retirees and volunteers save 10% of your entire purchase.

Student Discount

Students receive 10% off on all items from Capri Tools. Including Power Tools, Hand Tools, Torque Tools, Sockets and more. There is no limit to the amount of purchases.

Military Discount

We show our commitment to military members and veterans by offering discounts on our products. Get 10% off discount on all purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Your stars will automatically be added to your account once you have completed your purchase. Be sure to always sign in to grab all your stars.

  • 2 Stars = $1 Spent
  • 200 Stars = $5 Spent
  • 600 Stars = $15 Spent

You can go to your account under “Star Rewards” or when you have items in your cart it will appear at the top.

Free offers and stars are exclusively for Capri Tools members

No, when you sign up there is a check mark box you’d need to click to be subscribed to our emails that include exclusive offers and promotions. In case you miss it you can always scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to be an insider.

Terms & Conditions

Capri Rewards Program Information

The Capri Rewards program is brought to you by Capri Tools. Capri Tools may, at any time, terminate, alter or modify the Capri Rewards program and/or these terms and conditions without any further obligations and/or benefits to members. We will provide you written notice via email or a notice posted on should we terminate, alter or modify the Capri Rewards program and/or these terms and conditions. “Rewards Terms and conditions” shall refer to these terms and conditions, as they are modified by Capri Tools in its sole and absolute discretion. These terms and conditions are void where and to the extent prohibited by law. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you must stop participating in Capri Rewards.

Joining Capri Rewards

Capri Rewards program is open to all persons who have reached the age of majority in their country, state or province of residence. No purchase is necessary to join the Capri Rewards Program. By joining and participating in the Capri Rewards Program, you represent that you have reached the age of majority in your country, state or province of residence and you agree to these terms and conditions. Your membership is nontransferable and is subject to these terms and conditions, as they may be amended from time to time. You can review our most current terms and conditions at Enrollment begins upon Capri Tools’ receipt and acceptance of your complete application. You are solely responsible for protecting your membership number and membership card and not sharing your membership number with anyone else. Capri Tools’ employees and their spouses/domestic partners are not eligible to participate in the Capri Tools Rewards program.

Earning Stars

As a member of the Capri Rewards program, you will earn two (2) stars for every $1 USD you spend on, net of taxes (see “Non-Qualifying Items” below) when you make purchase online at Stars will post to your account approximately twenty-four hours from your purchase. You can earn additional stars through special offers and promotions as designated by Capri Tools, in its sole discretion, from time to time. Star calculations are based upon dollars net of taxes spent at checkout on qualifying purchases (see “Non-Qualifying Items” below). When products are returned or exchanged, stars will be deducted from your Capri Rewards account for the amount of return or the difference in the exchanged product (if the new item is less than the original item) net of taxes. Stars cannot be earned on purchases made prior to joining the Capri Rewards program. Stars will only post to one Capri Rewards account per person.

Using Capri Rewars Stars

Capri Rewards may only be redeemed by the Capri Rewards member to whom the rewards stars was awarded. Capri Rewards are good for discounts off future purchases at If the value of the purchase is less than the Capri Rewards star balance, the remaining value of the Capri Rewards Stars will remain on the account for future use. The value of the Capri Rewards will be applied as a dollar off discount in your transaction. You will receive the price paid (after the discount) on all returned or exchanged merchandise. The value of your Capri Rewards will not be returned if you make a return or exchange. Capri Rewards cannot be applied to previous purchases. Capri Rewards may be used in conjunction with most Capri Tools discounts or coupons, to be determined in Capri Tools’ sole and absolute discretion.

Non-Qualifying Items

Capri Rewards program stars cannot be earned or redeemed for the following: gift card purchases, sales tax, shipping, donations, or purchases made by Capri Tools employees or their spouses/domestic partners. Other exclusions may apply. Capri Tools may add or delete Non-Qualifying Items in Capri Tools’ sole and absolute discretion. Customers will earn stars on merchandise subtotal, after any discounts are taken and pre- charges for tax, shipping, donations, or purchases of gift cards.

General Terms

Capri Star Rewards have no cash value and are nontransferable. Capri Tools is not responsible for communication errors, due to a change of address or other changes in contact information. Other restrictions or exclusions may apply.

Membership Cancellation, Modification, Expiration and Termination

You may cancel your membership at any time by notifying Capri Tools’ Customer Service by mail, e-mail or telephone. If you do not make any qualifying purchases with your Capri Rewards during a calendar year, Capri Tools may, in its sole discretion, terminate your account on or after the last day of that calendar year. If your membership expires, any stars which remain in your account will be forfeited. In all matters relating to the administration of the Capri Rewards program, the decisions of Capri Tools shall be final. Capri Tools reserves the right to cancel, amend or revoke any program, including, without limitation, the Capri Rewards program, at any time due to reasonable business consideration or circumstances beyond its control or as required by applicable law. In addition, Capri Tools reserves the right to terminate your Capri Rewards membership, and void any stars accumulated in such account(s), if you, in Capri Tools’ sole discretion, violate any of these terms and conditions or any applicable law, earn stars via deception, forgery, fraud, or commit any other abuse of the Capri Rewards program.

Questions on Capri Rewards Program

For information about your account or to update your account information, visit or contact Capri Tools’ Customer Service.

Please have your email address with you when contacting Customer Service.

You can contact us by mail at: Capri Tools 1788 W 2nd St, Pomona, CA 91766

By e-mail:

By phone: Call 888-723-0550


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