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Capri Tools has a few solutions to better organize wrenches in the work space. Wether you’re on the go, or just working around the shop, you’re sure to find a way that works best for you.

Mechanic's Tray

Mechanic’s Tray

The Mechanic’s Tray is perfect for tool chest organizing. Sized to fit in most standard tool chests and cabinets. Made of premium foam and and EVA hard top layer, the trays hold tools comfortably and are oil and water resistant. 
Mechanic’s trays available in combination and ratcheting wrench sets, and individually.

Wrench Rack

Wrench Rack

The wrench rack’s slim profile makes it easy to store in a drawer or tray without taking up a lot of space. The comfort grip handles are color coordinated to distinguish between sizing, blue for metric and red for SAE, and make it easy to pick up and go from the tool box to the work bench. Wrenches snap in and out of the rack with ease, but are still secure.
If drawer storage isn’t quite for you, the racks also have holes that allow it to be hung from peg boards or other forms of hanging wall storage.
Wrench racks are currently available in flex-head and ratcheting wrench sets.

Rollup Pouch

Rollup Pouch

Always on the go? Then the wrench rollup pouch is the solution for you. 
Made of heavy duty, polyester canvas, the pouch is water resistant and long lasting. When rolled up, premium velcro secures the contents and the compact size makes it easy to store in a travel kit, or throwing in the back of the truck. Pockets with clearly marked sizes hold wrenches in place when open and laid flat. 
Three grommets at the top of the pouch, also give the option of hanging from a peg board or hooks.
Roll up pouches are available in combination and ratcheting wrench sets as well as individually. 

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