Advanced Series 13-PIECE SAE HEX BIT SET

13-Piece SAE Hex Bit Set  Series

Model# CP30003ADV

• S2 steel bits for durability
• Chrome vanadium sockets, oil and corrosion resistant
• Meets and exceeds ANSI standards
• Chamfered ends, easy insertion into fastener heads
• For hand operation only
• Durable carrying case included
• Lifetime Guarantee

Right Out of the Box
You need a set you can rely on right out of the box. The hex socket bit set is built to withstand heavy duty performance on cars, trucks, appliances, lawn equipment, and other machinery.

Understand the Anatomy
Just as important as what kind of steel you use is how much of it you use, and how you build the pieces. Capri Tools builds deep, thick bases that make our bits and sockets stronger and capable of handling more torque than others. Beware of other bits that are built with a thin profile entering the base as they’re liable to break.

Guaranteed For Life
Our bits are designed to be the best in their class for ratchets, torque wrenches, and other hand tools (not designed for impact tools). We believe in our bits and sockets enough to back them up with a lifetime warranty to give you more confidence and peace of mind about your purchase.

What’s in the box
1/4″ Drive: 5/64″ • 3/32″ • 1/8″ • 5/32″ • 3/16″ • 7/32″ • 1/4″
3/8″ Drive: 9/32″ • 5/16″ • 3/8″
1/2″ Drive: 7/16″ • 1/2″ • 9/16″

Tough on the outside, Strong from the inside
We use premium S2 steel tempered with our proprietary advanced heat treatment process to make these bits. They are exceptionally durable and strong, withstand high torque and do not twist, protecting both the bit and the fastener. The bits are forged with our custom Chrome Vanadium steel, giving them a balance tensile strength for optimal performance.

High quality made by professional for professionals.
All the tools in the ADVANCED series product range have been designed for particularly heavy duty work on a day-to-day basis. Specialized heat treatment to ensure they are normalized and non-warping, making them extremely accurate with very close tolerances.

Chamfered Edge
Chamfered bit ensures a smooth fit and help to provide fast and easy placement onto your drive tools.

Durable Case
Ultra durable case designed to take on any job, this sleek design showcases a refinement in performance and. Built for hard use, organized by size and high impact resistant, we think you are going to love the new and improved storage case.

CrV Socket
Premium Chrome Vanadium steel sockets plated with our SmartKrome protective plating are durable and corrosion resistant

S2 Steel Bits
Premium S2 steel forged bits are exceptionally strong and durable. These S2 steel bits withstand high torque and do not twist, protecting both the bit and the fastener.

Meets and exceeds ASME B107.110 standards

Lifetime Guarantee
We believe in our products enough to back them up with a lifetime warranty to give you more peace of mind about your purchase.



 The ADVANCE Series sockets are built Tougher and Better