Letter Punch Set

All Kinds of Uses

This letter and number stamp kit can be used on all kinds of projects. It can range from the practical such as stamping and identifying keys and various other property to arts and crafts such as picture frames, jewelry, and utensils.

Superior Materials

Using Chrome Vanadium for these stamps is a calculated decision to make sure you have the strongest and most durable stamp kit around.

All-Around Durability

Special attention is given not just to the set itself, but also to the case. We believe that a heavy-duty set should come with a heavy-duty case, and we took extra steps to ensure that this is an all-around durable product you can trust.


Model# CP20015
• Contains numbers 0-9 and letters A-Z in uppercase

• Heavy-duty chrome-vanadium steel for powerful force and long life
• Make permanent imprints in metal, plastic, leather, and wood
• Blue case keeps set neat and ready for storage
• 1-Year Warranty


Model No. Weight (lbs.)
20015 3.2