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Davion Martinez

As a mechanic, and host of a popular YouTube channel called “ItsDazeni”, Davion talks all things automotive with other mechanics, while sharing tool reviews, tips on navigating a new shop, and a host of other topics.

Building on a Lifelong Interest

Davion Martinez has always had an interest in cars and what makes them tick. He says, “I’ve always enjoyed cars and going to car shows, etc. I have been professionally turning wrenches for 6 years but have been in the field for a little over 8.”
Weeks after his wife bought a Camaro, she and Martinez found themselves in and out of the shop trying to figure out why it kept overheating. After several frustrating trips, Martinez decided to move on from a job in a tire shop, becoming a full-time mechanic.
“Before I became a Tech, I spent a lot of money paying ‘mechanics’ to fix that Camaro. And I kept getting screwed over and I got fed up. So I decided I’m going to fix that Camaro. I went to tech school and everything and 6 years later here I am. The Camaro is still on jack stands but I’m working on it!”

Getting Under the Hood

Rather than starting out as one of many techs, Martinez opted to work at a small shop. He works with his boss in a shop that caters to all vehicles, but many of their customers drive Ford trucks with power strokes.
He likes the challenge of having to assemble an engine after a repair, and his experiences in the shop have inspired him to learn more. “Any type of rebuild is my favorite, like engines. I love when I get to do short blocks or full rebuilds. I recently did a hemi 5.7 full rebuild and I really loved that. I haven’t learned to rebuild transmissions yet but I want to and will. I get to work on heavy equipment like skid steers and trailers from time to time because my boss flips equipment. It’s a great experience for me when I get to do that.”
But Martinez has found one part of car repair to be less enjoyable. “I don’t like any type of interior work as much as engine repair, because all interior stuff is very expensive. Most of the time I’m working on older stuff and when the plastic starts breaking that’s the worst part. It’s hard to stay clean doing this type of work. Even when dealing with oil and grease, I have to try to stay clean so I don’t leave any stains on a customer’s vehicle.”

"My goal is to help move away from the bad name mechanics are given from the shady people in the field."


Taking on the Challenges

Now that Martinez has spent some time in the field, he has a better understanding of which jobs will be easier than others. “Some of the most challenging parts of fixing a car come with engine performance, drive-ability, and electrical problems. It’s not an easy area and takes time and a lot of dedication to study and learn. Not everyone can do it, and a lot of techs don’t want to. I’m doing what I can to be great in that area and apply myself and eventually help teach others.”
He also has a broad goal of fixing the misconception that a mechanic only wants to rip people off. “My goal is to help move away from the bad name mechanics are given from the shady people in this field.” Martinez is an influencer but doesn’t see hisself that way. He makes videos to share his lessons with others. “It is a good feeling when I get comments from others saying they learned something or found one of my videos very informative to help them.” He also likes that us here at Capri Tools are open to feedback from reviewers, using their comments to improve our products.

Understanding the Tools of the Trade

Starting with a $150 Matco ratchet, Martinez soon found that building a kit isn’t always cost-effective. “I went into a lot of debt being a new tech and getting a bunch off the tool truck because of the simple fact I didn’t know there were other options. Eventually, I realized there were a lot of alternative, good-quality tools. I wanted to let others know, because I know I wasn’t the only one with tool debt. It’s not just for beginner techs, but others who don’t have the money to go buy the top-of-the-line, most expensive tool for a job. There’s another option for your budget and that’s the great thing.”
He has no problem sharing tools. “Sharing tools is not a problem for me at all. If you need a tool then my box is open. Especially for beginners who aren’t well equipped and don’t have the money to buy everything they need. Just put it back when you’re done. If it breaks, it’s under warranty. But if you lose it, you buy it.”

ItsDazeni's YouTube Channel

Much of Martinez’s YouTube content centers on different tools. He frequently posts review videos and others showcasing tools in action for various projects. These videos are some of the most viewed on the channel.
People appreciate Martinez’s honest reviews and tips they can use to get the most out of their own tools. He said, “I think my love of tools came from thinking, ‘if I have this tool, I can do this certain job faster.’ And then I started learning about other tools and researching tools. Then I got hooked and discovered what a good quality tool really is.”
Martinez often reviews Capri tools on YouTube. His favorite is the Windstorm EX air blowgun because it looks great and performed just as well. “It is just a great affordable tool. I think it’s one of the best out there. And the ⅜ stubby sockets come in handy so much I hope Capri gets a ¼ drive set coming.”
Video: Davion demonstraing Capri Tools 1/2″ Stubby Impact Sockets

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