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One of our favorite YouTubers is DW Designs Fabrication, a welder specializing in custom off-road vehicles. Read on to learn more about his shop, his channel, and why he loves our tools.

Who is DW Designs?

“My name is Derrick Whitlatch. I’m 27 years old, and I have been a fabricator for over four years.”

What is Your Specialty?

“My specialty is custom off-road vehicles that can withstand harsh conditions.”

How Did You Start Working on Off-Road Vehicles?

“I’ve been fascinated with welding and hand tools since childhood. 

As a kid, I worked at my grandfather’s wood shop. My grandfather loved working with his hands — besides woodworking, he loved cars and welding. I was incredibly impressed by his passion for welding and fabrication. Noticing my interest in those subjects, he decided to teach me how to weld, drawing on the knowledge his father had passed to him. His father had been a welder during the Second World War.

I soon became fascinated with welding and off-roading. However, at this point, it was just a hobby for me. I didn’t think it could become a career.

During the next eight years, I went to off-road shows with my grandfather and learned about welding. I also considered attending fabrication school, but I always felt indecisive. 

Unfortunately, my grandfather started getting sick from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) a few years later. As his health went downhill, he became increasingly concerned about my future. Eventually, he told me that I should go to fabrication school and get good grades. Fabrication would give me a better future, he said.

Now, I’m building custom cars that people can only dream of. I can’t be more blessed than that.”

What Do You Enjoy Most?

“I love the finishing process of welding projects. It’s rewarding to look at your handywork and think, Wow! I did that through the blood, sweat, and tears.

My favorite part of working on off-road vehicles is building connections and relationships with clients. I love putting smiles on their faces and making their dreams come true.

I love when customers come to pick up their projects — the smiles on their faces are priceless. I also really enjoy welding, particularly TIG welding.”

Do You Work on Any Other Types of Motor Vehicles?

“Yes. Now that I own DW Designs, I work on a wide range of custom vehicles, not just off-road ones.”

What Is Your Dream Car?

“Most people say they want a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but I’m slightly different. I’d rather rebuild and improve my grandfather’s Suzuki Samurai. I also love airplanes, so I might purchase a turboprop TBM.”


What is Your Favorite Capri Tools?

“My favorite Capri Tools are the Die Grinders. Powerful and ultra-quiet, they’re perfect for industrial and automotive projects. They also don’t bog down, unlike other brands. I’ll definitely buy more Die Grinders when DW Designs gets bigger. “

Whats the Future for DW Designs

“Once I save enough money, I want to buy a large house with a few acres of land and build a big shop. If this dream comes to fruition, I will record welding and fabrication videos in my home shop. I’ll also make CNC videos.”

Advice for Beginner Fabricator and Welders?

“If fabrication and welding inspire you, you must get relevant work experience to advance in the field. If you don’t know where to start, you can ask shops if they’re interested in accepting you as an intern — they can teach you in return for free labor. It’s a win-win for both parties.”

DW Designs Fabrication's Youtube Channel

Youtube Presence

Most of my videos are welding tutorials about my favorite topics, such as:

  • Sand rail repair and simulation   
  • Sand car repair                                 
  • TIG welding                                       
  • Bumper fabrication and repair     
  • Panel fabrication                               
  • Building roll cages                           
  • The basics of sheet metal 

Thank You, DW Designs Fabrication!

Thank you so much for this insightful interview, DW Designs Fabrication. We love your video tutorials, and we’re glad to hear that you enjoy using our Die Grinders. Fans like you encourage us to continue creating, refining, and selling cutting-edge tools. 

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