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Dan Soliz

After turning his love for fixing up cars into a successful business in Hill Country Performance and Machine, founder Dan Soliz decided to share his expertise on YouTube.

A Lifelong Car Enthusiast

According to Soliz, he’s been fixing cars since the dawn of time. He was born in 1962, and his mother started repairing cars the following year. He’s even got a picture of himself using an exhaust donut as a teething ring. 

He started working around the shop at the age of seven, working his way up to foreman by the time he was in high school. Soliz has a love for the classics, stating that his favorite car to work on has been a 1973 Barracuda. His dream car is a 1932 Ford five-window coupe. 

Using the Right Tools

Soliz has reviewed Capri Tools in a number of videos, including one review of the Capri Bowl in a video tagged “Christmas Present Ideas.” The magnetic bowl is easily affixed to any car part and offers a place to store screws, lug nuts, and other metal pieces keeping them from rolling under the car while the engine is taken apart. 

Since he has had such a long career in the automotive industry, Soliz has built up a fine collection of tools and doesn’t shy away from telling people what they need in order to do the job correctly. His favorite Capri Tools are the impact and the air gun. He also loves the de grinders. 

Sharing Knowledge with Others

Besides fixing, building, and restoring cars, Soliz enjoys teaching and sharing what he has learned with others. His passion for the subject matter comes through in each of his videos, which is evident since many of them receive more than 1,000 views. 

He is a regular at the SEMA show, an annual trade show featuring exhibits, product showcases, custom vehicle trends and more. Anyone who follows Soliz on social media can access his live streamed broadcasts from the popular trade show, where he often hosts question and answer sessions with viewers. 

He’s also personable enough that he’s been approached for speaking sessions and creating guest content for a variety of industry publications. Soliz was featured in a commercial that aired during the big game in 2022 and the Daytona 500. 

Connecting To Customers Through His Specialty

Soliz’s shop, Hill Country Performance and Machine, is located in Texas and specializes in engine restoration and building import engines. He appreciates the well-balanced design of these cars and their engines, though he admits that his biggest challenge associated with fixing cars is getting into tight spaces. 

His videos offer step-by-step instructions for a variety of engine repair projects. However, anyone who’s dealing with an engine that is completely destroyed should approach with caution. Even though he would likely cut some slack to a newbie who got in over their head, Soliz says his least favorite part of the automotive industry is fixing other people’s mistakes. After all, he does take questions and answers on live streams and through email. 

“My greatest achievement in the industry was finding out my videos are being used to teach in college automotive programs.”

Embracing Collaboration

Since Soliz got his start in a family shop, it makes sense that he involves his family in his YouTube videos. Soliz’s wife Elaine, AKA Shop Mom, makes regular appearances in live streams and videos. He also enjoys pairing up with Faye Hadley, a popular mechanic and social media personality in her own right. Hadley and Soliz make appearances on each other’s social media feeds, collaborating on projects and bringing crossover car enthusiasts to each channel. 

Some of the pair’s most entertaining videos involve time lapses of breaking down and resurrecting different cars. Hadley offers a bubbly enthusiasm that plays off of Soliz’s conversational and instructional style. They have fun with their videos, which serve as an outlet for Soliz to explore his creativity. 

Hadley isn’t his only collaborator. On his YouTube Channel, Soliz has featured others who help restore paint and do other body work. He also enjoys highlighting people’s work on his Instagram feed.

Professional Advice

Soliz approaches his work with pride and care and advises his viewers about potential costly mistakes that they could make. Although some more experienced car enthusiasts may be tempted to skip a few steps, Soliz likes to break down how doing so can cost them in the future. He breaks down what people should be doing and the why behind it, which helps them better understand their cars.

Anyone who wants to know how to fix and maintain their car with high-quality materials and to learn about the best tools at competitive prices should follow Danny on YouTube. His tone is supportive and informative, inspiring anyone to pick up a wrench and get to work. These videos are also good for people who want to better understand their cars so they know how to get the right services from their mechanics. 

Dan Soliz's Youtube Channel

Car Mechanic 101

Soliz offers a playlist on his YouTube channel titled “I’m in Training.” This playlist features a series of videos for novice technicians looking for simple solutions like how to remove an oil drain plug or “what is a differential plug wrench?” These videos are great for people who don’t have a lot of engine knowledge or who want to get their feet wet in the industry without completely disassembling an engine. 

But the best feature of his YouTube channel and social media presence is the community that he’s created. Soliz’s followers regularly interact with each other in the comments section of each video, and the host himself enjoys asking questions, offering polls, and engaging with members of his community. 

He’s even joined TikTok, using the platform’s short-form format to offer quick and easy tips and tricks to his followers. Anyone who’s curious about the parts in their engine and why they might be malfunctioning should give him a follow. 

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