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CP The Tool Addict

CP The Tool Addict, also known as Chad, is a business owner and YouTube influencer who reviews tools. We found out how he became addicted to tools, why he likes to work on vehicles, and a lot more.

His Start in the Auto World

Chad has been a mechanic for as long as he could hold a wrench, but his professional career started in 2000. CP was inspired to learn how to fix things when he began watching his father and grandfather struggle to fix things themselves. He wanted to fix things the right way, which later spawned his love for fixing cars.

Becoming A Tool Addict

He learned that the right tool made him more money in the long run. It also made him more efficient. In today’s industry, it is very important to have the proper diagnostic tools to diagnose and repair any problems that a car may have. Customers will also appreciate the fact that with the right tools, labor decreases, saving them money.

Vehicles CP Loves to Work On

As a guy who has years in the automotive industry, CP The Tool Addict has a lot of opinions about the vehicles he loves. His favorite car to work on is a Chevy truck since they are very easy to fix. Luckily, there are thousands of these vehicles in Iowa where CP works. He loves to work with domestic vehicles and a lot of Asian-brand cars. He also has a lot of experience working with Honda as well as Kawasaki and Victory motorcycles. Besides working on old cars, he enjoys working on motorbikes, tractors, and various off-road vehicles.

Ebbs & Flows of Working on Cars

CP loves tracking down a problem in a car. It is like solving a mystery, and he has a high curiosity drive that’s fulfilled when he discovers a problem and its cause. 

On the other hand, CP hates when he has to tell a customer that he can’t fix a car. It is demoralizing. 

Being Recognized by Tool Companies

CP enjoys sharing his thoughts honestly and telling his followers exactly what he thinks about the tools that he reviews. But while he loves promoting tools, he really dreams of going a step further. CP would love to work with tool companies and give his input to help them create better products for the industry. With his knowledge, he would have a lot of input to give.

His First Tool Ever?

CP The Tool Addict started his tool addiction at 13 years old. His father bought him a buffalo tool 3/8 socket set as a gift. It was the start of a lifelong love affair. 

His Favorite Capri Tools

Naturally, he loves all Capri Tools but he cherishes the right angle impact that he uses often. He also loves the new angle wrenches and says that they are “amazing.” They can’t be used as often, but when he does get to use them, he always looks forward to it time and again. 

CP The Tool Addict's YouTube Channel

Being a Youtube Influencer

He isn’t entirely sure that he fits into that description. If he does fit into the category, it was not because he tried to achieve the title. He never set out to become an influencer. Instead, his focus was on paying it forward. CP was lucky. Despite once following very bad advice from YouTube, he also had a lot of incredible advice while starting in the industry. Now he wants to do the same for other people who are still learning. He just has a much bigger platform to do so.

His tool reviews are one of the most popular parts of CP The Tool Addict’s YouTube channel. But, why did he start to review tools? Because he was upset. He took advice from one of the big names on YouTube and bought a tool that did not work. In fact, it was a massive disaster so much so that he ended up going to the hospital thanks to using this tool. Such resulted in an expensive hospital bill. So, he wanted to be better than that YouTuber. 

He realized that he would never give his approval on any tool that he didn’t enjoy owning and trusted enough to put in his own toolbox. And this is what he has done ever since. If he endorses a tool, his fans can be sure that he really does love it and uses it himself.

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