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Coyote Chris

When it comes to jet-ski repairs, no one knows their stuff better than Coyote Chris. He is is living his dream, spending his free time fixing and playing on jet skis.

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Coyote Chris's Story?

Generally people don’t just go right into a career as unique as “jet ski mechanic” without a few other stops along the way. In Coyote Chris’s case, his skills as a mechanic first came about on land, rather than water. Chris got his start as a mechanic working on dirt bikes. Though he grew up near a lake, his earliest passion was fixing up old dirt bikes (and, of course, riding them as well). By his own account, Chris “came out of the womb” loving dirt bikes, and this love of riding them soon led him to a career as a mechanic.

Since Chris was the only one in his family who owned a dirt bike, he couldn’t borrow someone else’s for a day when his broke down. His only option was to learn how to do repairs himself. Yet, mechanic’s blood runs through his veins. His grandfather was an automotive mechanic who ran a garage where young Chris would frequently spend his childhood days following along and learning how to make basic repairs on any number of vehicles. Chris distinctly recalls working with his grandfather on a classic 1966 F100, which he still owns.

Dirt to Water

For a time, dirt bikes were enough to keep Chris’s mechanical skills occupied. But a chance encounter with a jet-ski would soon change everything. By Chris’s recollection — about 13 years ago in between repair projects — Chris came across a 1993 wave blaster that needed repairs. Though he hadn’t worked on jet skis before, he thought the project would be cool enough to take on. And this chance decision quickly forged a brand new path in his life. Working on that 1993 wave blaster, Chris remembered his days growing up on a lake and soon found himself engaged in a passion that he never knew he had. 

Since then, Chris has been a dedicated jet ski aficionado, taking on the toughest jet ski repair challenges (and, of course, taking them out on the lake for his test drive). Still, Chris’s love of cars and dirt bikes has not gone away. Today, Chris divides his time making repairs on jet skis, bikes, cars, and anything else he can get his hands on. 

For Chris, jet ski repairs are a unique challenge for several reasons. Because they’re water vehicles, Chris can’t just tune them on land as he would a car or a dirt bike. But, this difficulty is also where the fun comes in. To see how they are coming along, Chris needs to take them out on the water under load. According to Chris, getting jet skis out on the water is just as important as working on them in his garage. At the same time, Chris ensures that he still has time to go back to his original passion: dirt bikes. For Chris, dirt bikes offer the easiest type of repair as they were his “gateway” into fixing things when he was young. 

"Wrench by Day, Ride by Night."

The Right Tools for the Job

Given the unique and busy nature of Chris’s passions, he would never be able to achieve his level of success without the best tools at hand. With Capri Tools, Chris can find all the necessary tools for any task that may come up, be it for a jet ski, dirt bike, or whatever else he might happen to work on any given day. By Chris’s estimation, his favorite tools from Capri are the thin wrenches, which he finds highly useful for getting to hard-to-reach places on a repair job. 

Doing repairs on a myriad of vehicles requires a reliable source for any number of tools and pieces of equipment, ranging from standard pieces to more specific equipment. Thanks to Capri Tools, Coyote Chris never has to worry about not having the right tool for a particular job or getting cheated by paying for subpar equipment. 

YouTube Presence

Chris’s YouTube channel started pretty much by accident. According to him, the original channel was created by his cousin, who would record and post videos of the vehicles Chris was working on. Though these videos started as just a laugh, Chris soon came to realize how useful they could be. 

As they posted more videos of the shop, Chris began to see how great it was to create something entertaining while working. Plus, through his videos, he can help others using “how-to” tutorials for those who might have a jet ski that needs repairs. 

Today, you can follow Chris on his YouTube and Instagram pages. There, you’ll get detailed overviews of the types of repairs he and his team do on the jet skis that enter their shop. And, of course, you’ll see them taking the jet skis for a test drive as well.

As Coyote Chris continues to share his passions through his YouTube channel,  hopefully it will continue to inspire others along the way.

Coyote Chris's Youtube Channel

Thank You, Coyote Chris!

Here at Capri, we go beyond simply making quality tools for talented mechanics like Coyote Chris. We want to ensure that we do right by our customers with excellent customer service and state-of-the-art products. 

If Chris’s story inspires you, look at our inventory to find the best tools and equipment you need to pursue your passions on land, water, or anywhere in between!

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