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We had the pleasure of interviewing Rusty Earl of Cool Bike Projects, a bike mechanic who teams up with his brothers and some others to restore older bikes. Learn more about his Youtube Channel and using our tools to bring nostalgia back to his customers.

How it Started?

“I needed a job when I was 17 and was lucky enough to have my local bike shop hire me to assemble bikes. I wasn’t very fast, but they were patient and taught me how to do things correctly.”

20+ years later, Rusty has gained tremendous experience and knowledge as a bike mechanic now to bring older bicycles back to life.

What Does A Bike Mechanic Intel?

“I think it comes down to the basics of understanding bearing surfaces, wheel maintenance, gears, brakes, suspension, hydraulics, and electronics. 

Really, the big thing is learning how to troubleshoot. I think the best mechanics ride many different bikes and understand how they are supposed to function. 

Also, there’s a dramatic shift in technology or specialized tools every five years or so. Accordingly, it’s important to read up on those changes and learn to retool.”

Favorite Part of Working on Bikes

“I love restoring older bikes and bringing something neglected back to new or better than new. There’s also something satisfying about replacing cables, truing a wheel, and seeing a brand new chain spin for the first time.”

Least Favorite Part of Working on Bikes

“Underestimating how many parts need replacing. Everyone has a budget, and sometimes, a bike repair just isn’t worth the cost for a client, so you know it will end up in the landfill. It’s sad, but it happens.”

The 2 Most Important Skills A Bike Mechanic Should Have

“Good listening skills and curiosity. If you are good with people and put them first, you can easily find out what’s going on with their bikes. Think about it: when a rider tells you about a noise or a pain they are having and you really listen, you will instantly know where to troubleshoot and where to make adjustments.”

Bringing Bikes Back To Life.

What is Your Favorite Capri Tools?

“I’m digging the new angle grinder and ratchet set. It is so nice to able to do frame repairs in ways I couldn’t before. I also love how well the ratchets engage.”

What is Your Biggest Achievement in the Industry?

“Don’t know whether it’s an achievement, but I got the attention of Joe Breeze (one of the Godfathers of mountain biking) by sending him a link to my “How to build a Klunker bike” video. I also ran a mobile bike repair business for 10 years.”

What is The Most Fun You've Had Working on Bikes?

“Ride Idaho — a weeklong road biking event across the state of Idaho. Wrenching on 300 bikes for people all over the country was a blast!”

Advice for Newbies in the Bicycle Industry

“Start working on bikes now. Work on your own, work on your kids’, and volunteer at your local bike shop. 

Become good friends with your local bike mechanics. Ask questions about the bike building and repairing process. It’s all about experience and opportunity. Most bike shops need more mechanics, so they’d love to hire someone hungry for learning opportunities.”

Cool Bike Project's Youtube Channel

Youtube Presence

Cool Bike Projects have been providing views with video content for about 2 years.

“I was taking a break from working on bikes for a few years. Then, I saw that there was a need for restoration videos for dads who wanted to fix up their old mountain bikes. The rest is history.”

How to Support Cool Bike Projects

Our big goal for 2022 is to raise $500 a month. This will let us build and restore one more bike per month and create even better content. Once we reach $500 a month, we’ll be giving away two bikes to two lucky patrons!

If you want to support, Join Cool Bike Project’s Patreon.

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