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Socket bits are a combination of a bit, such as a screwdriver bit, and a hex socket. Socket bits connect to a turning tool such as a ratchet in the same manner as a hex socket, using a square drive socket.

Socket bits will often be referred to by the type of bit they have fitted, for example a socket bit with a hex bit will often be called a hex bit socket, while ones with Torx bits are called Torx bit sockets. Socket bits can either have a one piece or two piece constructions. Like screwdriver bits, socket bits come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, with each one designed for a particular style of fastener head. Socket bits can be bought individually, but are more commonly sold as a set. One piece socket bits are more commonly found for use with impact wrenches. As a result, like impact sockets, they tend to be made of chrome molybdenum and have a black oxide finish to them.

Common types of bit sockets


These are the most common type of socket bits. The drive bit is hexagonal like a hex key. The hex drive bits can range in size from 2mm up to 32mm, although larger specialized sizes are available.


Torx bits are star-shaped with six rounded points. The Torx design allows the socket to transmit greater torque from the driver bit to the head of the screw. Torx bits have a much lower tendency to slips out, which reduces the chance of rounding the driver bit or stripping the screw head.


The triple square, also known as XZN, is a type of screw drive with 12 equally spaced tips, each with a 90° angle. Common sizes are 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm. Its name derives from overlaying three equal squares to form such a pattern with 12 right-angled tips (a 12-pointed star).

Bits should be given just as much attention as any other part of your tool collection. Capri Tools uses S2 steel ensures that these bits will last a lifetime with the ability to take on heavy-duty, tough jobs. Our socket bits are made of chrome-plated chrome vanadium, which is strong and durable as well as oil and chemical-resistant. In addition, all bit sockets meets and exceeds ANSI standards.

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